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Silver Lining Kenya Organization (SLKO) is a community based organization registered in Kenya under the Department of Gender, Children and Social development. It started as an idea and a volunteer program by a group of dedicated students who carried out mentorship programs for kids in schools in August 2015 after the infamous Garissa University Attack and was formally registered in July 2016 as a Community Based Organization in Garissa. The organization is dedicated to alleviating the challenges encountered by pastoral community

As CBO which is at the grass root and aware of the daily challenges of our youth and children face and dangers they are exposed to, we are highly motivated to build partnerships with stakeholders and innovate on new ways to address the societal obstacles women and youth face. We believe children living in the Garissa County are mostly neglected and lack a role model to look up to. .

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Women and Youth empowerment

“Amka Mama” This project focuses on giving women entrepreneur al skills and start ups that can help them grow their businesses. Skills training and Financial support.

Women in Leadership

Having discussions in the community on the role women can play n community development .This ranges from professional engagements to local community dialogues.

End Gender Based Violence

Protecting women and girls from the pangs of GBV, through local dialogues and sensitization and theatre sessions.

Mental Health

Organize dialogue s and Tea sessions for youth and women to interact and support each other.

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